Monday, May 19, 2014

Debt out of control?? help is here

 Debt is not a bad thing- we all have it and most of the time causes us no problems. So when is it an issue?

Are you struggling to make ends meet- missing the odd payment- using a credit card for week to week expenses??  The earlier a debt problem is attacked the easier it will be to fix. And yes there is a fix for ALL problems no matter how bad. Through this site I will attempt to help those in need. I do not need to know who you are or why you have a problem. I do not care how you got into debt whether it be gambling drinking or just a love of the good life- and for the record I cannot fix your marriage or help you win lotto.

All my advice is given from personal experience, I have no formal training, and yes I did go bankrupt as well as trying just about every other form of debt assistance available. As rare as it may seem I just want to help as I do know the damage overwhelming debt can cause to family and friends. So called business associates who suddenly have forgotten all the favours. Debt brings a whole new meaning to the words - sleepless nights.

It will come as no surprise over the coming weeks that I have no experience with websites or blogging or pretty much anything else to do with computers. I did put together a flashy website with all the bells and whistles a few years ago but the cost was crippling a trying to charge a small fee to help keep it going was against what I had set out to achieve.

Some main points to remember

You are not alone thousands of normal people feel just like you

Creditors and debt collectors cannot send you to jail

Being in debt does not make you a bad person or a loser- even the wealthy can fall on hard times

There is a vast amount of help available- but be wary the scammers are also lurking

There is no magic cure and the chance of winning lotto is very slim- anybody who says it is easily fixed is pulling your leg BUT it is not the end of the world

A lot of the information on bankruptcy is biased depending on who you are talking to- in cases of severe debt which has been left for too long there may seem like no option BUT you need to look at all avenues and make the decision yourself on the best available solution. Personally if given the chance to go back bankruptcy may not have been my best solution.

The same goes for official debt agreements- these are a big business these days and some of the salesman are very good- again weigh up all options before leaping in head first.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

Enough for now- please feel free to join me or should you need urgent help then please contact me


Fox Symes & Associates - Debt Consolidation Solutions

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