Legal stuff

Seems like there is no way to escape this stuff these days but anyway just so you know what to expect.

Please note  that all opinions and comments on this site are that of the individual. I have no training in councilling or financial advice and offer general advice only based on my own personal experience. Information on other sites is the property of the owner and I cannot offer any guarantees as to the reliabilty.
You should always seek the appropriate professional advice before making any final decision. This is my site and I will not hold back if something needs to be said but I will not tolerate personal attacks of any type.

Your privacy is taken very seriously. I have no desire to sell your information to anyone. My primary reason for setting up this site is to help others get through what I have. Together we may be able to make a difference. Any stories submitted to me by email will remain private- I may seek your permission to publish your story on the site but you will always remain anonymous. I may from time to time send emails with updates, new product info ect unless you tell me not to.

I will take no action to assist with a situation unless you ask me to. I collect personal information to allow me to contact you by email only. I will never make any attempt to contact you personally unless specifically asked to do so.

Please note that you do not need to make it known to me who you are. Because of the large amount of information I receive it is not possible for me to contact you by phone. If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine but I will need an email address to contact you.

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