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Hello I am Michael and I am just a very ordinary aussie bloke who fell on hard times and now use that experience to help others. I do not run a large business and do not have a university degree. I live in a rented home with my wonderful wife and 3 girls- who are probably the only reason I survived the last 7 or so years. I no longer work for myself and still suffer daily from the damage done when my business collapsed. Unlike some fat cats who "go broke" I lost everything including my dignity and self worth.

Yes I have been through bankruptcy and asked whether I would do it again, well I am a lot wiser now and am certain I could have managed the whole thing a lot better so who knows. One thing I have certainly learnt is you have very few friends when you are struggling through uncontrolled debt and the stress will very quickly take its toll on your family life and your health. During my journey I have discovered there are many options available which for some reason are well hidden from us "normal folk".

Through this blog- which by the way I have no idea how this stuff works- I aim to assist others like myself who cannot afford the flashy solicitors or company administrators. Should you require urgent assistance or cannot find  the answers you need here please contact me      HERE


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